MAPFRE Stadium, From Crown Jewel to Disrepair

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Historic Stadium Announcement

Official Columbus Crew SC YouTube Channel | March 3, 2015

Video 2:41 - 3:00

“When Precourt Sports Ventures acquired the team in July 2013, we did it because we believe in Columbus. We believe in the potential of the city, this soccer club, and this stadium. We’ve talked a lot about the meaningfulness of good business leading to good soccer, and good soccer leading to good business.” - Anthony Precourt

Video 3:18 - 3:54

“Our stadium is iconic and a special place with a lot of history. We’ve had over four million visitors to this stadium in its history. We’ve hosted MLS Cup, playoff games, MLS All-Star games, four Dos a Cero matches starting in February of 2001.

This place is not just about soccer. It’s also about concerts. We host ‘Rock on the Range’ which is the nation’s largest rock festival.

Today’s press conference is a celebration of two companies coming togehter who are very like minded. Very civic oriented.” - Anthony Precourt

Video 5:13 - 5:45

“I’m about to introduce to you Jamie Tamayo, to my left, who is President and CEO of Mapfre North America and his company is a multi-billion dollar global brand that believes in soccer and believes in Columbus. It’s a testament to how far we’ve come in our last two years and it’s a very proud day for our club. We are thrilled to be baring the name of MAPFRE on our stadium and look forward to making them feel like they made the right decision.” - Anthony Precourt

Video 9:32 - 9:44

“It is the largest commercial partnership ever signed in the franchise's history, so it is a significant deal for us and will help us create the resources we need to be successful on the field.” - Anthony Precourt, responding to an audience question

TFC at Columbus Parking and Line Safety

November 21, 2017

"Parking Lot Safety at the November 21, 2017 MLS Eastern Conference Championship Leg 1 at Mapfre Stadium in Columbus, Ohio between Toronto FC and Columbus Crew SC"

Video 7:30 "There's two major lines, there's one line right there, there's one line right there. They're probably at least a couple thousand feet long. You really gonna do that?"

Video 8:00

"Bus and cars attempting to drive through the line of people because they are not able to get into the stadium."

Video 8:45

"Poor planning, huh? .... How is this acceptable by Major League Soccer?"

Video 10:17

"7:47(pm) right now. We're gonna see how long it takes to get in the friggin stadium."

Video 13:42

"This is unacceptable."

Video 14:52

"7:56 and we've successfully moved about....We've moved maybe 3 feet in the last couple minutes."

Video 16:00

"We have some busses over there and they've been sitting for a solid 4 or 5 minutes.... We won't even make it for the National Anthem"

Video 20:28

"We have the fire truck coming through"

Video 22:18

"God forbid something happen. An emergency"

Video 25:35

"The attendance numbers are taken at the amount of people inside the ... place is what the attendance numbers are. Precourt is trying to skew."

Video 26:14

"We've gotten word that the match has started. Unacceptable."

Video 26:30

"So we're just getting inside the stadium right now. Here's the time (8:18pm). We waited 30 minutes in line and there's still a ton of people out there."

Numbers Behind the MLS Ambition Rankings: Eastern Conference Clubs

By Brian Straus and Grant Wahl | April 23, 2018

These are answers provided directly by the clubs, edited only for clarity, with some being more forthcoming than others:

Columbus Crew

SI Q3 - Have you upgraded your stadium in the past year, or are you building--or in the process of upgrading--your stadium? What is the cost?

Crew A3 ‘Mapfre Stadium maintenance and upkeep is a club priority.’

Source 2018 SI MLS Ambition Rankings

Inspection at MAPFRE Stadium reveals health code violations

Less than a month after the response from Columbus Crew SC that stadium upkeep is a ‘priority’ appeared in Sports Illustrated, the stadium was cited for a list of healthcode violations by the City of Columbus.

By Cierra Johnson | May 11, 2018

An inspection of several concession stands inside of MAPFRE Stadium revealed a list of violations including issues with drainage and the presence of mouse droppings inside one of the kitchens.

Columbus Public Health conducted inspections on nine concession stands Wednesday and found violations at all but one of them. - 10TV

MAPFRE Visitors Document Stadium Disrepair on Twitter

Crew fans and event attendees at MAPFRE Stadium are using the Twitter hashtag #HonorOurHome along with photos and descriptions to highlight how the entire venue has degraded significantly. Twitter