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Selling Soccer

By Kitty McConnell | April 1, 2013 The Crew’s engagement of Central Ohio’s Hispanic and African communities, most of whom already watch international soccer, is unparalleled among local sports organizations, says Orozco. “That crowd, we don’t have to sell them soccer. They’re already huge soccer fans, so we have to sell them the Crew.” - Columbus CEO

Former Employee Discusses Changes

“When I started, The person who held the position was NAME REDACTED, but he accepted a job offer in CITY REDACTED. NAME REDACTED took over from 2013 till the end of 2014. Since 2015 there is no one in charge nor a dedicated department to reach the Latino (or any other) community.” - Crew Not Done Yet Interview

Former Employee Discusses End of Spanish Language coverage

By Nino Torres | December 8, 2017 “In October 2014, when #CrewSC launched the new batch I asked [Andy Loughnane, President of Business Operations] if they had a specific strategy to reach the Latino Fan Base. Since I was noticing a decrease in the Spanish coverage from the Club. This was his answer: This is to encapsulate everybody in our market. This batch recognizes anybody who lives in the city of Columbus, the State of Ohio who wants to be a fan of Columbus Crew SC” - Nino Torres Twitter

Watch: Don Garber’s full interview with Taylor Twellman; Alejandro Moreno’s reaction

By Pat Murphy | December 9, 2017 “Alejandro Moreno: It’s the company line. It has been business metrics for a while. What I would say is that there are reports coming out of Columbus that give you the other side of the story and that is that the Columbus Crew haven’t had a presence in the community for a while. That the Hispanic outreach program is not quite what it used to be. That the activities that brought together the fans with the players are not what they used to be. If all of that is true, that is the ownership’s version of tanking, at least from the front office perspective. That is unacceptable. We need to see the other side of the story as well.” - Massive Report