Precourt Expansion Board a Potential Conflict of Interest

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Anthony Precourt was on the MLS Expansion Bid Committee, placing him in a "clear conflict of interest" according to Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, as San Antonio’s bid was under consideration. Source WBNS 10TV

Q and A: Anthony Precourt

By Michael Arace | July 14, 2016

PRECOURT: First of all, I’d say that Cincinnati is a great market for Crew SC. We’ve got a lot season-ticket holders coming up from Cincinnati for our games. The second thing I’d say is I cheer for club soccer in America. So, the early success they’ve had is great to see. It’s great for the sport and they should be proud of what they’ve done. I hope that it’s sustainable. They’ve got out of the gates fast. Let’s see if they can keep it up. It has worked so far. I’m a new member of the MLS expansion committee, which is a sub-committee of the board. We’re charged with looking at markets for expansion, and it’ll be interesting to see how Cincinnati does down the road. - Source Dispatch

MLS 'audition' on deck for FC Cincinnati

By Patrick Brennan | June 8, 2017

An MLS spokesman declined The Enquirer's Thursday request for comment. But considering Crew SC investor-operator Anthony Precourt is one of five MLS owners on the league's expansion committee, it seems unlikely that word of FC Cincinnati's various happenings next week wouldn't reach the league's New York City headquarters. - Source The Equirer

Potential Crew relocation to Austin prompts San Antonio to send threatening letter to MLS

By Kim McCauley | October 30, 2017

Bexar County judge Nelson Wolff sent a letter to MLS commissioner Don Garber asking him to clarify the timeline of events that led to Precourt’s pursuit of a move to Austin… The letter says that Precourt’s presence on the MLS expansion committee “presents a clear conflict of interest” if San Antonio’s information about the timeline of Precourt’s interest in a move to Austin is correct. - Source SBNation